June 25, 2021

How to find data after data transfer from Android to iPhone

Have you taken a chance and purchased a brand-new iPhone? Perhaps the allure of a sleek smartphone has persuaded you to switch from Android to iPhone, or perhaps the status symbol associated with iPhones has piqued your interest. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that one of the most inconvenient aspects of purchasing a new smartphone is transferring all of your data from the old to the new device.

We have the perfect solution for you! Smart transfer: A cross-platform transfer app that is both convenient and focused! Use a safe and smooth content material transfer app to migrate your smartphone contents. It's a one-stop-shop for video, photo, and song transfers, as well as unlimited content material transfers.

The following blog is a complete guide on how to transfer your precious data from Android to iPhone and locate it after the transfer process is complete. 

11 Simple Steps to Follow 

  1. Install the Smart Transfer app from the appropriate Google Play and App stores on both devices.
  2. On your Android or iPhone smartphone, open the Smart Transfer app.
  3. Select the Android device as the "Sender" and the iOS device as the "Receiver" device from the dashboard.
  4. A "camera viewfinder" will show on the sender’s device. You must select a connection network on the receiving device, either Hotspot or Wi-Fi.
  5. If you choose Wi-Fi, ensure sure both devices are on the same network. In the meantime, the “Sender” gadget will show an activation code screen.
  6. If you tap to transfer using the Hotspot on the recipient device, a password will appear on the receiver device. Select Settings >> Turn off WiFi >> Paste the Password (WiFi Password field) >> and Enable the Hotspot. Return to the app and select "continue."
  7. To connect, enter the activation code generated on the receiver device into the slots available on the sender device.
  8. When you enter the code, the receiver device will prompt you for a "connection request." Accept the request for more information.
  9. Tap "Start" after selecting the content categories you want to transfer.
  10. Depending on how much stuff you're transferring from Android to iOS, the transfer process may take some time. Finish by pressing the “Close” button when you're done.
  11. All of your preferred content kinds are automatically transported to the receiving device and placed in their appropriate directories. Pictures, videos, and music files may all be located in the Smart Transfer folder, which can be accessed via the Receiver's file management program. Calendars and bookmarks, for example, are instantly updated in their relevant apps.

Hope this blog answered your questions however if you still have any queries do not hesitate to send us an email at support@smarttransferapp.com

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