November 18, 2020

How to Move All Contents from iPhone to Android using Smart Transfer App

Finally, you are ready to switch from iPhone to Android. That seems pretty crushing at first because you are used to your old iPhone. The process to cross over from iPhone to Android without a hiccup is challenging. You are leaving the old phone behind, but you wish to carry along every significant data from your previous iPhone to your new Android phone. 

Smart Transfer app would allow you to transfer data between iOS and Android devices with a few simple clicks. In this guide, we‘ll explore how to move all contents from iPhone to Android using the Smart Transfer app: 

Solution: Transfer All your data from iPhone to Android

To transfer all your data from your iOS device to android, the Smart Transfer app is the perfect solution. It transfers all of the data without using the internet. Here's how:

Step # 1: Install & launch the Smart Transfer app on both devices from their respective stores

Step # 2: Once opened, you are prompted to start the transfer process

Step # 3: You’ll be asked to choose if your device is “sender” or “Receiver.” Tap sender on the “iOS” device & tap receiver on the “Android” device

Step # 4: On the receiver device, you need to choose how you want to send data: Hotspot or Wi-Fi.  Click on your preferred option:

(If you choose to transfer via Hotspot, make sure to enable mobile data first on the receiver device.)

Step # 5-6: Now, if you’ve selected Wi-Fi, an “Activation Code” will appear on the receiver device. Use the code generated by the receiver device on the space available on the sender device & connect both devices.

Step # 7: Accept the pop-up connection request on the receiver device

Step # 8: After that, choose the types of content that you want to transfer & tap the “Start Transfer” button

Step # 9: Your android device will need access to contacts and pictures before it can start receiving files from your iOS device. 

Step # 10: The transfer process will begin. Within a few minutes, your selected data will be transferred to the target device, which is Android. When the data transfer is completed, press “Close.”

In Conclusion

Voila! Here you’ve all your desired content in your new Android phone. You’re good to go now!

Smart Transfer smartly sends files and other noteworthy content from your iPhone to your Android phone without missing a beat. All the unlimited migration of contents can be done wirelessly, smoothly, and without spending a single penny! Enjoy your new phone with all your important data in it & drop us a note in case of any queries at

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