November 18, 2020

How to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to the New iPhone using Smart Transfer App

Is it that time of the year again when you got a new iPhone? Amazing! But, you don’t want to end up losing any of your significant data. You want to feel native even in your new device. All you have to do now is to move all your data including contacts, pictures, reminders, etc. from the old iPhone handset to the new one. 

Smart Transfer is a smart, secure, and user-friendly application that provides support for cross-platforms and devices. The content transfer process is fast and wireless and is possible practically anywhere (as long as you have access to Wi-Fi or Hotspot). 

In this guide, we have elaborated the step-by-step process to transfer data from the old iPhone to the new one using the Smart Transfer app.

What Content Types can be Transferred from iOS to iOS?

  • Contacts
  • Pictures
  • Calendars
  • Videos
  • Reminders

Steps to Transfer Data From iOS to iOS

1. Turn on your new iPhone. Download the Smart Transfer app from the iTunes Store on your iPhones / iPad

2. Open & Run the app on both old & new devices.

3. From the dashboard, select “Sender” from which you wish to send the data & the “Receiver” on which you wish to receive data.

4. On the receiver device, you need to choose a connection network - Wi-Fi & Hotspot. Select your desired network option. If you select Wi-Fi, make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. If you choose a hotspot then make sure your device is connected to the sender mobile network and the sender mobile data is on.

5-6. Meanwhile, an activation code screen will appear on the “Sender” device. Use the code generated by the receiver device on the space available on the sender device & connect both devices.

7. Now, a Connection Request will be sent to the Receiver device. Click Yes to start the transfer.

8. Now, Select the content types that you wish to transfer and press Start.

9. Your receiving device will need access to contacts and pictures before it can start receiving files from your sender iOS device. To start the process, allow the app to access these files by clicking “Allow”.

10. Wait for a while. Transfer time may vary depending upon the size of content types. Meanwhile, you can also measure the transfer progress and stop the process at any time.

11. Your preferred content is successfully transferred to your new iPhone. Press Close.

Note for Hotspot Connection:
For iPhones, both devices can be manually connected using the hotspot and its password mentioned on the receiver's device. Follow simple steps for iOS transfer as below:

Simply turn on the hotspot on the receiver device and connect the sender device by going to Wi-Fi settings. Enter the wifi password of the receiver device and connect both devices. 

Another way of connecting both iOS devices can be found in-app. To connect devices using a hotspot, turn on the hotspot of the receiver device, and choose “Hotspot” as the connection network (at step 3). This will take you to the next screen on the receiver device. It prompts you to manually connect the sender device with the receiver’s hotspot by clicking “Settings” or continue the process without doing so. By clicking “Settings, you’ll manually turn on the hotspot and connect it with the sender device.

If you don’t know how to do it, continue the process. Once you enter the activation code (after step 6), your sender device will show a prompt that will ask you to enter the password of the receiving device hotspot. 

Once you enter the password, another prompt will show up that will ask your permission to connect with the receiver device.

By clicking “Join”, you can continue the process from step 7 and rest.

In Conclusion

In this article, we have walked you through a comprehensive and detailed guide on “how to transfer data from old iPhone to the new iPhone”. With the Smart Transfer app, moving up your contacts, pictures, videos, reminders, and calendars is an absolute breeze. It gets you going with your new iPhone/iPad securely, conveniently, without costing a single buck. Happy Transferring :) 

Enjoy your new phone with all your important data & drop us a note in case of any queries at

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