April 22, 2022

Transfer Any Sort of Content from Android to Android with Smart Transfer

Android smartphones have become increasingly popular. They are easy to use and have sleek designs, which has attracted the masses. Thanks to technological developments, we no longer have to wait years or even months to obtain a new version of an Android smartphone. Smartphone manufacturers work around the clock to punch out new phones with upgraded features. Naturally, people change their phones often to get their hands on the latest thing. While getting a brand-new smartphone is a cause for celebration, there may be a damper on the mood due to the impending task of transferring data from your old Android device to the new Android device. However, don't get too riled up over it. In this post, we'll show you how to use the Smart Transfer application to easily transfer data from Android to Android.  

Data Transfer Methods:

Data may be transferred between smartphones in a variety of methods. The following are a few of them:
  • Your data may be transferred from your phone to your computer and then transferred to your new smartphone.
  • Using Bluetooth
  • Making use of a data transfer app
Why Smart Transfer? The Smart Transfer application is a feature-rich and user-friendly tool for transferring photos, videos, calendars, contacts, and apps. It's fantastic as a content transfer solution that works across all main platforms, including Android and iOS. At any time and from any location, it seamlessly sends data over local Wi-Fi networks or hotspots. Share data from Android to Android without any hassle.

How To Migrate Data

  • Download the Smart Transfer app from Google Play Store on your Android smartphones.
  •   Once the installation is complete, open the app on both devices. Allow permissions to proceed further.
  •    Select the “Sender” option on the old Android device and the “Receiver” option on the new Android device.
  • Before the transfer process can begin, you need to select the mode of transfer. Choose between Wi-Fi or Hotspot.
Note: Both smartphones need to be connected to either Wi-Fi or a Hotspot.
  • An activation code will pop up on the receiver device. Enter this code into the sender for connection establishment.
  • Accept the connection request sent to the receiver phone to begin the transfer.
  • A list of supported content will be shown. Select all the content (Pictures, Videos) that you want to share and “Press Start”
  •  Once the transfer process has begun, you can track the progress and stop the process anytime.
  • After the data transfer is complete, simply close the app!
You moved all of your selected content types from your old Android smartphone to your new Android smartphone in just a few simple steps. A one-of-a-kind frictionless transfer experience. Please contact us at support@smarttransferapp.com for further details. For instructions, go visit our YouTube channel.