April 28, 2022

Use the Smart Transfer App to Transfer All Content from iOS to Android

  The tiresome chore of moving all of your data from your old to your new smartphone may be quite unpleasant whenever you switch cell phones, particularly if you switch from an iOS device to an Android one. Due to IOS and Android system inter-compatibility complexity, it is really hard to easily move data. But try not to get too worked up over it. In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of utilizing the Smart Transfer app to transfer data across platforms easily.

Step-by-Step Guide

Finally, you are ready to go from iOS to Android. Initially, you may feel devastated if you are accustomed to your prior iPhone. However, it is impossible to go from iPhone to Android without issues. You can move your data from your old iPhone to your new Android phone.  Download the Smart transfer and easily transfer a day with a few easy clicks. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to transfer all the contents from an iPhone to an Android device using the Smart Transfer app:

Solution: Transfer All your data from iPhone to Android

  1. Download the Smart Transfer app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store on your respective smartphones.
  2. Once the installation is complete, open the app on both devices. Allow permissions to proceed further.
  3. Select the Sender option on the iPhone device and the Receiver option on the Android.
  4. Before the transfer process can begin, you need to select the mode of transfer. Choose between Wi-Fi or Hotspot.
Note: Both smartphones need to be connected to either Wi-Fi or a Hotspot.
  1. An activation code will pop up on the receiver device. Enter this code into the sender for connection establishment.
  2. Accept the connection request sent to the receiver phone to begin the transfer.
  3. A list of supported content will be shown. Select all the content (Pictures, Videos) that you want to share and Press Start.
  4. Once the transfer process has begun, you can track the progress and stop the process anytime.
  5. After the data transfer is complete, simply close the app!

In Conclusion

Voilà! Here you’ve all your desired content in your new Android phone. You’re good to go now! Smart Transfer smartly sends files, data, apps, and all related contents from your iPhone to your Android phone without missing a beat. All the unlimited migration of contents can be done wirelessly, smoothly, and without spending a single penny! Enjoy your new phone with all your important data in it & drop us a note in case of any queries at support@smarttransferapp.com